About Stokes

Stokes and Company was founded more than 70 years ago by Mr. James Ellwood Stokes.  Stokes and Company was responsible for many construction projects over the years including many apartment buildings and office buildings, one of which was originally known as the IBM Building and still stands at 777 Grant Street.  Liongate Apartments, built in 1968 and Manchester Apartments, built in 1972 were both Stokes and Company construction projects. Stokes and Company has managed these two buildings since that time and takes great pride in maintaining them to their highest potential at all times.

What makes Stokes and Company properties unique?


We currently live here and just signed a lease for another year. We like the layout and double bathroom sinks, and we even have extra storage downstairs. Laundry on each floor makes it feel as though it's right in the apartment. The management is awesome and they even host get-togethers in the lounge so that you can meet your neighbors. Resident, Liongate
I needed a place really quickly, and Vickie got my application reviewed and processed in 24 hours, so I could move in the next day. On moving day the staff went out of there way to help in whatever way they could. The neighbors here are incredibly friendly. Resident, Liongate
Seriously. Live here. Why? It has charm. It looks kind of like a Swiss Chalet, but it's totally recently remodeled inside. I just moved out after nearly 2 years, and I am missing it! They are fast on the upkeep and repairs ( I mean fast- they keep a handy man, Dan on site and have a ton of stuff stashed away for just-in-case emergencies, like door handles falling off, bathroom emergencies, pliers to get out your light bulbs, etc). This place started out as cheap; I don't think it is much anymore, but it is well-taken care of and the site managers are responsible. Kalani F., Brittany House
I have lived here at the Brittany House for a year, and it's been a great place to live. Sandy and Dan, the managers, are nice people, and Dan really does a nice job taking care of the grounds. Adam J., Brittany House